10 Best Sauna Accessories to Make Your Sauna Better

In the spirit of having a wonderful time in a sauna, these sauna kits will be perfect to compliment any kind of sauna be it indoor or outdoor. They are usually made of Nordic Spruce or Red Cedar Materials. We have put together a list of the Top 10 Best Sauna Accessories that would make each session in a sauna a fun and exciting experience.

A wonderful sauna session is experienced when you are comfortable and relaxed in an environment special to you. Sauna accessories to bring you such comfort range from buckets to thermometers, back rests, cushion, floor kits, sand timers, drink shelf and magazine racks.

10 Best Sauna Accessories

Sauna Bucket, Pails and Dippers:

sauna bucket imageA wooden bucket or dipper housed within your sauna is a very good aid to sweeten your sauna experience. During sauna use, the dipper can be used to sprinkle a few drops of water on the hot sauna stone in order to moisten the hot dry air so the effect of the sauna steam can soothe the pores. These buckets are made of natural wood and is perfect for use within the sauna as it can expand and contract according to the temperature of the sauna.

Sauna Aroma:

sauna aroma oil
Another great sauna accessory you would love to have is a Sauna Aroma. A sauna aroma helps to give your sauna a pleasant scent which have been proven to be highly therapeutic and nerve calming. Imagine you having a nice sauna session in an environment that emits a sweet fragrance of rose, jasmine or lavender. These aromas are natural and made from plants. They help to erase the sterile scent of a sauna and kill bacteria. A few drop into water will fill up the atmosphere with an amazing ambiance.

Sauna Thermometer:

sauna thermometer
A sauna thermometer add to the aesthetics and sophistication of your sauna. Most infrared sauna come with an inbuilt digital thermometer unit notwithstanding, you could still get the good old traditional thermometer to beautify your sauna. A thermometer unit could have an hydrometer feature inclusive in order to tell the relative humidity of air as most infrared saunas emit dry heat. These thermometers display the temperature reading in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.


sauna cushion
Sauna pillows and cushions stand in to support you while using the sauna. It could stand as a layer between your body and the bare sauna wood. One could rest one’s neck, arm, back or leg on this soft materials. They are usually made of linen, polyester and soft fabric materials which are water resistant and very easy to maintain. Apart from the fact that they help to support your body, they also help to preserve the life of your sauna unit as they absorb the sweats and stains your body might have on the sauna wood.

Sauna Towel or SPA Wrap:

sauna towel
Having a special towel or spa wrap installed in your sauna can’t be overemphasized as they come in handy all the time. These special towels are designed particularly for sauna usage and are different from the normal everyday towels you use in your bathroom as they are designed specially for hot sauna environments. It is also advisable to have a variety of towels in your sauna unit so you don’t get to use the same one over and over.

Drink Shelf:

sauna drink shelf image
You wouldn’t want a drink you are holding to slip off and pour over your sauna unit sometimes staining it. Having a Drink shelf installed in your sauna unit will help to hold your drinks, victuals and other personal effects in place and also keep the environment tidy. Apart from keeping your sauna unit organized, a drink shelf would also help give an alluring effect to your sauna unit as in comes in different sizes, shapes and designs. It is made from highly durable cedar wood and blends seamlessly with any sauna type.

Sauna Floor Kit:

sauna floor kit
A sauna floor kit could help improve the comfortability of your sauna usage. It could be placed over the bare floor and used as a leg support platform. It also helps to beatify the sauna unit and comes in different shapes and dimensions. You could do what ever you please you it, lay on it, sit, stand, squat and what have you.

Sauna Audio System Kit:

sauna audio system

The sauna audio system kit features an amplifier, audio jack, and speakers which and used alongside your phone, mp3 player or other device while using the sauna making it one of the best sauna accessories you could have. This all-in-one audio system is beautifully designed with the users put into consideration and can be installed anywhere within the sauna. It can be plugged to any 110v power outlet and is power friendly in terms of power consumption.

Body Brush:

sauna body brush

For those concerned about improving their skin texture and quality, a dry body brush would come handy while using a sauna. These brushes have tender bristles that will help in exfoliation while you gently scrub your skin surface without damaging it. Usage of these bdy brushes will help to improve blood circulation, get rid of dead skin and soften the skin texture.

Sauna Backrest Kit:

sauna backrest
Having a backrest in your sauna kit is an additional feature to make your spa session a thing of maximum comfort. You can go wrong with an s-shaped backrest.


All the sauna kits highlighted above are sure to improve your sauna experience and can be maintained with a little budget. The list is not limited as there are other accessories available out there that can make your sauna usage more exciting. Feel free to drop your suggestions and observations in the comment box. Head over to the amazon store to buy any sauna accessory now.


Sammy McCoy is a fitness expert and life coach. She has been in the industry professionally for almost two decades. When she is not mentoring her students on her masterclass sessions, she is either writing or doing some karaoke.

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