Best Sauna Care Tips at No Extra Cost

Sauna CareA sauna brings about relaxation and healthy benefits to the body. We guaranteed that our best sauna care tips and practices would help to improve the live span and efficiency of your sauna at no extra cost. A proper knowledge on the maintenance of a sauna will also aid you the ability to maximize it effectively. A good reason why you should care for your sauna is in order to avoid germs and the breeding of harmful bacteria. Another reason could be to have a decent smell. You might be wondering, How to clean a sauna or How do I care for my Sauna?

Our sauna care tips would be sure to put you on the right path.

How To Care For Your Sauna

  • Sauna Care Before Use.
  • Sauna Care During Use.
  • Sauna Care After Use.

Let’s start!

Sauna Care Before Use

Apply the following tips just before using sauna

  • Best Placement Location:
    One particular problem many have had with the placement of a sauna in a building is the location. Infrared saunas are designed for indoor use so avoid placing your sauna outdoor. The best areas to place a sauna is dry place like your bedroom, lobby, gymnasium or living room. This is because saunas are best suited in a dry and moisture free environment.
  • Proper Painting:
    Do not paint or varnish your sauna with any random coating or substance. Make sure to coat the sauna with a specially developed sealant provided by the sauna manufacturer. This will allow the sauna breathe properly after use. Using the wrong coating could cause unhealthy vapors and breathing conditions.
  • Regular Vacuuming:
    Another good way to care for your sauna is by regularly vacuuming it. This will help prevent debris and dust particles from settling on the wall, benches and floor over time thereby, getting rid of stains.

Sauna Care During Use

The following care tips can be applied during sauna use

  • Use a Towel:
    The importance of a towel during sauna use can’t be over emphasized. While using a sauna, make sure to spread a thick terrycloth towel on the bench before sitting on it. This towel will help to absorb sweat, perspiration oils and salts that will be released from the body and avoid staining the sauna wood. A towel should be top of the list of your sauna kit.
  • Avoid Taking in Food items:
    Taking in food items or liquids into the sauna room is unhealthy and could damage the beauty and proper functioning of the sauna.

Care After Use

Apply the following tips immediately after using your sauna

  • Smart Cleaning:
    Have a hand brush nearby or in the sauna to be used to clean the sauna immediately after each session is over. The last user of the sauna dips the brush in a bucket of clean water or warm water and uses it to scrub off the benches, walls, floor, door handles, duckboards and other parts of the sauna room.
  • Aeration:
    After usage of the sauna, leave the door opens to allow for proper airing and ventilation to take place so as to dry off every bit of moisture within.
  • Regular Cleaning:
    Periodically, depending on how often the sauna is used, gentle sauna cleaning agents like a mild solution of baking soda or vinegar, water and soft cloth can be used to clean of spots and stains off the sauna. Also, liquid cleaners like Lysol or Pine-Sol can be used for cleaning too. Thorough cleaning should be done once  a month.



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