Best Sauna Rocks for Home and Public Use

If you’re reading this, it is probably because there’s something you need to know about sauna rocks. When I first heard about sauna rocks, I was rather shocked. I thought I simply needed to plug in my sauna and bask in the heat slowly. I had not heard of sauna rocks prior to that. That was what kick-started my research about sauna rocks. In this post, I’ll be giving you access to everything I learned about sauna rocks through research and experience.

Wet Saunas and Dry Saunas

To understand sauna rocks, you need to understand the two types of saunas and no, I’m not talking about traditional saunas and infrared saunas.  There are two types of saunas, wet saunas, and dry saunas. These two work differently. The difference lies in humidity inside the sauna.

Wet saunas are also called steam saunas. This is because they heat using steam. In both wet and dry saunas, a particular material could be heated up to provide heat. In wet saunas, however, the materials are rocks and water is poured on the rocks to provide wet heat. The rocks are very hot and so when water is poured on them, steam forms. There is absolutely no water; it is all vaporized. Also, because of the enclosure, the steam heats the body of the person in the sauna.

Sauna rocks can be used for both dry and wet saunas. In a wet sauna, it is used to create steam heat and in a dry sauna, it is used to retain heat.

What Are Sauna Rocks?

From the explanation above, it should be obvious that sauna rocks are rocks used in both wet and dry saunas to help retain dry heat or create wet heat as the case may be.

Are Sauna Rocks Special Rocks?

This entirely depends on your definition of the word special. Can any rock be used as a sauna rock? No. Of course, you can make use of it but you will not get your desired and needed effect thereby negating your efforts. The sauna rock you choose will make a big difference to your sauna experience.

What Type Of Rocks Are Used As Sauna Rocks?

Before we go on, let’s list out the types of rocks.

  • Igneous- These are the rocks formed from solidified magma. When magma cools down, it forms into rocks.
  • Metamorphic- They are heavy and dense. They are formed from Sedimentary rocks that went through pressure or heat.
  • Sedimentary- They are lightweight rocks that break easily. This is because they have layers of compacted sediments.

A sauna rock must be able to stand pressure and retain heat. It must not be porous at all. You should be on the lookout for heavy and dense rocks. Your best bet is on igneous rocks. Whatever sauna rock you choose must be an igneous rock.

A lot of people go for granite rocks. Granite is a type of igneous rock. It has more of quartz, feldspar, and other minerals. If you can get granite, go for it.

Your rock must not be able to crumble under pressure neither should it have any water or moisture inside.

  • 100% NATURAL - These real naturally occuring volcanic lava stones will help keep your sauna hot and humid. No fillers or colors added. 2-4 inches in size
  • HIGH TEMPERATURE - Volcanic stones naturally resist extreme temperatures without crumbling.
  • TUMBLED FINISH - Tumbling removes any sharp edges and gives a uniform shape. These high quality stones are the optimal size and shape to get good air flow from your heater …

How to Choose Sauna Rocks

If you do not want to buy rocks off Amazon, you can actually get your own sauna rocks. However, keep these in mind.

  1. Only igneous rocks – Remember, only igneous rocks fit into the description for the types of rocks we need. They need to be large enough, have no water, and be able to withstand heat and pressure.
  2. Test them – Hit the rock with a hammer several times. If it doesn’t break or chi, it’s a great choice. If it chips only a little, it’s a good choice. If it breaks or crumbles, throw it away. You can also do this by placing them in fire that’s up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Good rocks will not break, bad ones will.
  3. Observe – Ensure that when heated, your rocks do not give off any smell as some rocks contain minerals that give off ad smells which will compete with the essential oils for aromatherapy.
  4. Right size – The right size differs. Pick rocks that are as small as half your fist and as large as 3 times your fits. The arrangement is the key. Let the larger rocks stay beneath and then pile the smaller ones at the top.

Preparing Rocks For First Use

Before you make use of your rocks for the first time, they have to be prepared. Follow the following steps to help you out.

  1. Wash them- Start off with soapy water and jiggle them in the bowl. Then run water over them till the water is clear.
  2. Dry them- Next, spread them out to dry.
  • SAUNA STONES - 42 pound box of dolerite rock selected to withstand rapid heating .
  • One box is sufficient for FINO heaters up to and including 8 kw
  • Sauna Rocks Specifically for High Output Sauna Heaters
  • Larger heaters require two boxes

Using the Rocks For The First Time

Here are some tips to help you use them right.

  1. Do not pack them together- Place the rocks loosely in the sauna. You do not want them packed as they may cause overheating. The airflow which would result as a result of placing them loosely won’t let allow for overheating.
  2. If it overheats, turn the heater off and let it cool. When this is done, reposition the rocks appropriately.

Tossing Water on Rocks

A lot of people ask how much water they should pour on their rocks. The answer is there’s no right amount. It depends on a lot of things. However, there is a universal hack. Start with a small amount, and increase s you go on till you realize it is okay.

Skin Benefits of Sauna

When you make use of a sauna, your skin will benefit a lot. Here are some of the top benefits your skin gains from using a sauna. Here are nine skin benefits of saunas

  • IMPROVES FLAME PERFORMANCE by spreading gas dispersion in all directions, ideal on its own or as a base layer underneath fire glass, or even mixing the lava and glass together.
  • GAS COMPATIBLE, for use in indoor and outdoor natural gas and propane fireplaces and fire pits; perfect to replace faux fire log sets …

8 Skin Benefits of Saunas

  1. Saunas rejuvenate the skin – After a sauna session, you’ll find that your skin glows more. It is not a coincidence; saunas rejuvenate the skin and keep it looking healthier and younger.
  2. Improve circulation – Saunas improve the circulation of blood. They improve both the systolic and diastolic circulation of blood. Systolic refers to the pressure readings of your blood vessels during a heartbeat. Diastolic, on the other hand, refers to the given pressure level in between beats. This gives your skin a renewed and refreshed look.
  3. Saunas detoxify – Saunas help detoxify the body through the use of overheating therapy. When we get a temperature, it is our body’s way of fighting viruses. Heat has proven itself to be a very capable tool in reducing chemical stress. A sauna is similar to a temperature. Think of it like an ‘artificially induce’ fever. The heat causes the elimination of wastes in the body.When one sweats at a steady rate, not less than 30 percent of the body’s wastes are expected to be removed. This is an excellent way to rejuvenate the body and revitalize it. When your skin is detoxified, it is rid of toxins and is thus healthier. Read more on saunas and detoxification here.
  4. Saunas keep your skin moisturized – Saunas are natural moisturizes. Trust a sauna to keep your body healthy and refreshed after use. With the right products, your skin will glow.
  5. Saunas help burn calories – Saunas are great for keeping your skin in shape. They help you lose calories and improve metabolism. If you sit in a sauna for thirty minutes, you can actually lose weight. If you weigh 185 pounds, you can lose anything between 65 and 85 calories from sitting in a sauna. While this amount is not so much, if you back it up with exercise, you would be moving in the right direction.Having a high metabolism will go a long way towards helping you lose weight. With a high metabolism, you will be able to burn fat much faster. Having a high metabolism doesn’t only come to play in weight loss. It also helps make you feel better by topping up your energy levels.
  6. When combined with some essential oils, saunas are great for various skin problems – There are a lot of essential oils you can use with saunas that can glow up your skin in the best ways possible. Some of them are Tea Tree essential oils, Sandalwood essential oils, and Peppermint essential oils. They treat rashes, acne, pimples, dandruff, etc…
  7. Reproduction of collagen – The heat of the saunas helps in the reproduction of collagen. Your skin needs collagen and improving its production simply means your skin looks much better.
  8. Rinsed pores – Saunas rinse out pores. Blocked pores are the culprits behind a lot of skin conditions. They even affect the general outlook. Sauna usage takes care of this problem.
  9. Acne – Acne occurs as a result of blocked pores. Saunas unblock pores. If you pair the right sauna with the right essential oil, you can easily get rid of acne totally.

There are a lot of skin benefits associated with the use of saunas. However, that is not all. Saunas also benefit other parts of the body greatly. If you aren’t using a sauna right now, you should be. Check out some of the best sauna heaters you can used along side sauna rocks.


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