Do Saunas Help Detoxify The Body and More?

Saunas Help Detoxify The BodyWith lots of news flying about, it is important that one takes time to actually find out what is real and what isn’t. A lot of people state that saunas can detoxify the body and most importantly, detoxify you of toxins. However, you are probably reading this because you want to find out the truth. In this article, we will not only consider if saunas actually detoxify, but we will also consider if they also burn fat.

What Are Toxins?

Toxins are poisonous. They are chemical substances produced within living organisms or living cells. Toxins destroy the organism they are in. Toxins in the body are definitely a cause for alarm and worry which is why everyone is big on detoxifying lately. It is not simply a fad or the latest craze. We should have been going crazy on detoxifying from the beginning of time. This is because they cause malignant diseases. They do these in various ways and here is how:

  1. They damage our organs – Toxins do not just go for your kidney, lungs, and liver. Rather, they affect every single organ in the body.
  2. They poison our enzymes – Every part of the body depends on enzymes in one way or another. It is like poisoning the water source of a whole city. When the enzymes are poisoned, the whole body suffers.
  3. They damage DNA – They damage DNA which of course causes disorders
  4. They damage cell membranes – Toxins damage cell membranes. One of the most direct results of this is that your membranes do not receive important messages sent to them.
  5. They cause hormonal imbalance – Toxins affect your body by causing hormonal imbalances. When this happens, people often suffer from fatigue.
  6. They displace structural mineral – When the structural minerals in a body are displaced, a lot of things are affected but one of the most predominant is the fact that it affects calcium resulting in weaker bones.

How Do Toxins Get Into The Body?

Since they are so terrible, people often wonder how they get into the body. Toxins get into the body through four major ways listed below

  • Inhalation – Toxins enter our bodies when we inhale vapors, gasses, particulates, or mists that contain toxins. It is pretty straightforward; when these toxins are inhaled, they get into the body. If they get in contact with the blood or tissues, problems can occur.
  • Injections– If your skin is punctured by an object that contains toxins, they can enter your body. If whatever punctures the body puts in substances that contain toxins, they gain direct access to the bloodstream.
  • Ingestion– If one swallows any substance containing toxins, they can get into the body and cause the gastrointestinal tract if they are corrosive or irritating. If it is insoluble, it will get absorbed by the stomach, small, and large intestines which make up the gastrointestinal tract. When this happens, they can be transported to the various organs through the blood. They can now cause damage.
  • Absorption– Toxins can be absorbed through the skin and the eyes. When they are absorbed, they gain easy entrance to the bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream, they can instigate harmful effects. They can also harm the skin and cause varying levels of irritation to the skin.

With this, it should be quite obvious that toxins are bad and need to be removed from the body. Luckily, this is possible through a process known as detoxification.

What is Detoxification?

Detoxification is the process of ridding the body of toxins.

Can Saunas Detoxify The Body?

YES, they can. While it is much more complex than sweating out toxins, the use of saunas can help detoxify the human body.

How Do Saunas Help Detoxify The Body?

Detoxification has to be done with a thorough cleaning. The skin is one of the best ways to get rid of toxins and one of the best ways to get rid of toxins through the skin is through sweat. Research has proven that your urine doesn’t have as many toxins as your urine. Your sweat glands have to work together to achieve noteworthy detoxification.

Toxins are all around us. Everywhere, one can run into more and more heavy metals and toxic chemicals. For the best part, we can control what goes on in our homes to an extent. This can help us monitor how we let toxins into our body but our control stops there. Once you enter into the streets, you cannot help or control what everyone else does. This is where the need for detoxification arises.

Saunas help detoxify the body through the use of heat therapy. When we get a temperature, it is our body’s way of fighting viruses. Heat has proven itself to be a very capable tool in reducing chemical stress. A sauna is similar to a temperature. Think of it like an ‘artificially induce’ fever. The heat causes the elimination of wastes in the body. When one sweats at a steady rate, not less than 30 percent of the body’s wastes are expected to be removed. This is an excellent way to rejuvenate the body and revitalize it.

The heat of a sauna causes overheating which stops the growth of the viruses in the body. When the body is overheated, all the vital organs work overtime. This is very obvious when the heart rate is monitored during the use of a sauna. When these overheating takes place, the body is able to purge, heal, and repair. The cleansing of the general body system now begins. As the body is ridding itself of toxins, it is easy to have them eliminated through the skin.

Sweating is one of the most important ways through which toxins are eliminated. However, the sweating needs to be stimulated. When a sauna is used repeatedly, the skin gets used to eliminating toxins.

In summary, saunas helps detoxify your body by recreating a mock fever. The body raises its temperature to deal with viruses. Saunas do the same thing. When you use saunas regularly, your body can get used to eliminating these toxins.

Does Sauna Burn Fat?

Another question a lot of people ask frequently is if saunas actually burn fat. Yes, they do. However, it is probably not in the way you think. There are three ways in which one loses weight through the use of saunas.

Burning calories through saunas

A lot of people exaggerate the losable weight when it comes to using saunas. Sitting in a sauna cannot lose you as much as exercising. If you sit in a sauna for thirty minutes, you can actually lose weight. If you weigh 185 pounds, you can lose anything between 65 and 85 calories from sitting in a sauna. While this amount is not so much, if you back it up with exercise, you would be moving in the right direction.

Do not be one of those people that intend to use saunas alone to lose weight. It will be a slow and sad process. Rather, pair your sauna sessions with healthy eating and exercising to get the best results.

Increasing metabolism through saunas

Having a high metabolism will go a long way towards helping you lose weight. With a high metabolism, you will be able to burn fat much faster. Having a high metabolism doesn’t only come to play in weight loss. It also helps make you feel better by topping up your energy levels.

Helps you keep up with exercises

One reason a lot of people do not exercise is because of the aches and pains associated with it. When you exercise frequently, you could get a lot of aches and pains in your body that would make it hard for you to continue. Apart from relieving the aches in joints and muscles, saunas go a little further. Saunas reduce DOMS. DOMS is short for delayed onset muscle soreness. Delayed onset muscle soreness is caused by high-intensity exercises. These exercises cause tiny tears in your muscle fibers when you exercise. To combat this, your body increases inflammation which results in delayed onset of muscle soreness. If you make use of saunas regularly, studies have proven that they help combat delayed onset muscle soreness. As a result, it would be easy for you to move on to the next phase of your exercise and keep up with it. Definitely, the changes in your body will encourage you to do more.

Final Thoughts?

There is no doubt that saunas are useful for quite a number of things. If you have made use of a sauna, you’ll know that it is highly relaxing and beneficial. Apart from the ones listed, there are loads of sauna benefits. If you do not use saunas, you should. There are affordable saunas of various types which are sure to offer you these benefits and more.

Saunas are great for general health. If you do not have a sauna, investing in one can be a great step towards your weight loss. Remember not to stay in a sauna for more than 30 minutes at most. In addition, a sauna should not be the only way you plan to lose weight.

Lastly, you should ensure you drink lots of water before and after your sessions as saunas dehydrate.


Sammy McCoy is a fitness expert and life coach. She has been in the industry professionally for almost two decades. When she is not mentoring her students on her masterclass sessions, she is either writing or doing some karaoke.

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